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Click here for details of the Cancer Education, Information and Support Service (CEISS) at Stoke Mandeville and Wycombe Hospitals.

Click here for a list of Useful Contacts.

Sharing experience is a significant part of support and Fiona, one of our members, has started a blog at She captures the cancer diagnosis and treatment rollercoaster very well!

After the treatment finishes - then what? Written by Dr Peter Harvey This article has recently been read by several of our members - it reviews how it feels when the treatment finishes, and the issues of cancer survival. Despite being written some years ago our members felt a great resonance with the content of the article and felt it might be of use to other members of the group - and also potentially in helping our partners and loved ones to understand what we are going through. We should warn you that this is a 'no-holds barred' article, using some emotive language, so if you are feeling rather sensitive it may be best to leave it for another day or ask a friend or a BreastFriend to read it first. (The existence of the link in no way endorses the article nor asserts any accuracy - it is simply provided as of potential interest.)

Click here to read it